Oakwood Hills Apartments

eciService performed routine maintenance and repairs to this 59-unit apartment building that was rented to Messiah College students last year. Each unit had two bedrooms and two bathrooms, meaning eciService worked on a total of 118 bathrooms, 118, bedrooms, 59 kitchens, 59 laundry rooms, and 59 living/dining rooms within 24 days.eciService inspected each apartment, checking every bathroom, door, window, cabinet door, and drawer to ensure they were functioning. Additionally, eciService checked and cleaned each unit’s garbage disposal and washer/dryer filters. oakwood hills apartments oakwood hills apartments

Billy Sheaffer, Jere Shugart, and Matt Yohn worked on the Oakwood Hills project. True Color Painting assisted with the project, painting all units and repairing drywall when needed. .

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