Jawns on Fire

Renovation- Harrisburg, PA
The owner of Jawns on Fire was looking for a contractor that could assist with a project that needed to move quickly.
eciService constructed three walls with doors and frames to create a secure storeroom for merchandise. eciService also performed electrical and data work on the retail store. The previous tenant had some electrical work done on the emergency exit lights, which made the systems inoperable, thus out of code. eciService then coordinated the proper repairs with the building’s landlord. Lastly, eciService assisted with getting their final inspection so they would have a certificate of occupancy for their grand opening.
The project was completed in less than three weeks, with the help of John Wolf and Rick Smith from eciConstruction and Mark Kennedy, Matt Yohn, Stanton Baker, Dennis Hufnagle, and Jeremiah Keck from eciService. Due to the project’s quick turnaround, the owner of Jawns on Fire requested that eciService provide an annual periodic contract for their HVAC equipment. .. 

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Project Images